I joined IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators) today. I really want to have a successful jazz program at SPHS. Hopefully, the kids will have some fun and learn a little about jazz music. Gotta find some funding before I can do much more, though. I’ve got some music coming from my friend Ronnie in Harlingen but entering jazz festivals and getting to them costs money. Maybe the jazz fairies will come sprinkle my office with jazz funding…. That would be nice, huh? 🙂

4 thoughts on “IAJE”

  1. Now wouldn’t that be sweet! Jazz fairies floating around the band hall, unknown and seen by the others. Gracefully they float above the stir of busy little hands and feet. They buy their time wisely and wait for the perfect opportunity to enter your office, 😉 crack the safe and make a healthy deposit of say, OooH I don’t know, $10K dollars *cOUGh*eRic*CouGh*

  2. Len, leave that boy alone. He’s having to move across country soon. Although, he did say something about buying me pretty things recently….

    Hey Dacia! I’m glad you made it over. I still have some tweeking to do on the site but I’m liking the calming looks of it as well. 🙂


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