Since Len had the day off today, I decided to take time to visit him in H-town. I figured we’d lounge around and he’d work on his website but our plans changed quite a bit.

First, we were both quite hungry so we went to have Chinese at a place called Eastern (right, isn’t that what that’s called, Len?) YUMMY food. Len had taken me there once before and so when he suggested Chinese, I certainly didn’t turn it down.

Then, we went back to the house for lounging and Len’s working on his site when we decided we wanted to catch an early showing of Oceans 12. Eh, it was okay but I liked Oceans 11 much better. 11 showed more of the train of thought to the heist and I really appreciated that. 12 had too many little story lines/heists going on and it was kinda hard to follow. It wasn’t horrible, though. If you’re going to go out and see it, catch an early show if you get a discount that way.

While in the movie, Joe called with tickets to the Rockets game. So we met him and his friend Norbert and watched the game. Great game. Yao is HUGE!!! Rockets beat Toronto 114 to 102.

What a great day. It’s always worth my time to come to Houston but today’s spontaneous visit was very cool. I haven’t decided on if I’m going back tomorrow afternoon or staying until Wednesday morning. My boss invited me out to have dinner with his family and some of our mutual friends tomorrow night so I might try to make it for that. They’re going to our favorite Japanese restaraunt (Origami’s in Round Rock) and they’ll need a guide. 🙂

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  1. Heeeeeey! I just finished posting that (minus the last paragraph) 🙂 Damm, we really need to coordinate these blog postings a bit more, especially since you are laying next to me… hahahah geeeesh, what dorks!

  2. Geesh is right! Glad you all had fun. I worked. *groan* Anyway, I went to high school here with someone named Norbert Chang. He was really great, and since that’s an unusual name I thought I’d mention it before the high school reunion next summer that I’m probably going to conveniently miss. Anyway, go Rockets, huh?

  3. Is it your 10 year reunion? I went to mine quite a few years back and although I have not much in common with anyone from my graduating class anymore, it was really nice to see them. A little dose of old acquaintence once every ten years isn’t a bad thing….

  4. Actually, yes, next year is the ten year. Ouch! At any rate, I moved to Australia my junior year, so I’m not even sure they have my contact info., and all my friends and boyfriend at the time were a year above me, and I hung out with them last summer at theirs, so it’s not that big a deal. Plus they’re all married…. sigh.

  5. In the past year, Sami and I have made that trip 6 times and 4 of those were totally spontaneous! It changes your view of what you’re capable of and opens your eyes to all sorts of possibilities. Like, if I can drive to Houston and back in one day…I could drive to Corpus, walk on the beach and drive back! Sounds like a plan.

  6. Catherine,
    you know the sound of those smoke detectors going off was SWEET HARMONY and much better than SOME bands you used to go listen to… HAHA!

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