7 thoughts on “It’s football Saturday again!!”

  1. Absolutely!! And the game was a lot of fun. I ended up sitting with the Kansas Band the entire time and they were so much fun. The score was quite killer but the game was still fun with them.

  2. College football games are always fun, NFL blows in my opinion, too many damn penalties…what was the score by the way? ;oP

  3. The score was Texas 66, Kansas 14. Kansas really didn’t do much until the second half. I guess that’s when Texas put in their 2nd, 3rd & 4th string players…. It was fun to go, though!

    It was nice to talk to you the other day, too! Get that blog back up, Kelly!!

  4. Wow, i only discovered messages could be left here!

    Hey, hope your doing well…..

    Maybe one of these days i will run into you!!!!!



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