The Honda’s hurt!!

I love my car. It’s not in the best visual shape always (I never seem to have time to get it washed and cleaned properly) but I live out that car and it takes me where ever I need to go. I mentioned in my TMEA wrap-up that I had the brakes fixed on my way to San Antonio. I didn’t mention that on my way home, I was hearing some strange noises from the front end. I know that when you get new brake pads, there is an adjustment period while the new pads marry to any grooves that my be on the rotors so before I called my mechanic, I thought I’d give it about a day or so do those “natural” adjustments.

On Monday after the convention, I had parked my car on the “driveway”/loading ramp of the band hall. I went in to work, did some stuff and headed back out to run more errands. My car was parked in just a way that I saw what was making the noise:


Can you see that piece of The Honda hanging under the passenger side bumper? ARGH! That wasn’t there on the way to San Antonio…only on the way home. And I heard that noise from the moment I left the hotel…the 4 Star Wyndham St. Anthony Hotel where I paid $20/day to valet my car!

So, when I got back in my car, I called the hotel and spoke to the valet manager. He told me that because I’d left the hotel without making a claim, there’s nothing they can do. I’m stuck with the damage!! That’s just ridiculous. I called and talked to the hotel manager then the owner of the valet company. They’re going to take a look at the pictures I took (you can see them all by clicking on the picture above) and make a decision from there. The hotel manager was the most appologetic and said that he didn’t want this to keep me from staying at their hotel again. With my luck with valet parking, I think I’ve decided where ever I stay, no more paying for someone to screw with my car. Did you ever hear about the time the Marriott Riverwalk hotel lost the key to my car when I had them valet it? Enough with random people driving my car.

I’ll let you know how this turns out….

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  1. I still remember watching my car screaming down the road in reverse right after I had sat down for at a restaurant patio with Ski. All I could do was stand up and scream “I just washed it!” Mr. Valet didn’t get much of a tip that time.

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