Back on the hunt.

The house hunt has started again. This afternoon, my realtor Karen and I looked at nearly 15 houses, with it amounting to a lot of “not quite rights”. We did find 3 houses that were basically identical in layout but very different in how they’d been lived in and marketed. Although it’s a bit smaller floorplan (not necessarily smaller than the Black Locust house) I do like the layout fairly well. It’s a pretty open floorplan that lends to good flow. Karen’s going to run the comparables for the neighborhood and see if I can offer less than asking for the one I like the most. If all works well, I should be able to schedule a closing for the end of May, as my lease runs out.

BTW, I love the working with Dr. Phil commercial. I wish there really were such things as “Available Guy Parades”…..

13 thoughts on “Back on the hunt.”

  1. LOL….. did i read that wrong…… i meant “Available GIRL parades”…… LOL>…… really!!!

  2. And the hunt begins again! Hope you can find a firm foundation, a big bath and a huge kitchen!!! You know the drill far too well by now. There’s one out there that’s juuust right.

  3. I haven’t seen those commercials, but that would be nice to weed out the wierdos.

  4. ohhhh!! a bunch of guys who would parade themselves wouldn’t ALL BE WEIRDOS!! hahahahahah you womens are nuts! See the commercial works for men cause all we care about is sex, no other expectation!! hehehe There is a comfort in being shallow!!


  5. Piojo,
    tu eres puro basura! I have to ask, which one of your personalities is making this comment? Because I’ve seen your bitchy side and your mommas boy side.

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