4 thoughts on “Blog Style”

  1. Please, no. Please, please, please — no. And it’s not because I don’t think you’d be wonderful on a video blog — you had the most enjoyable entry on the MontBlog. (Good lord, I can’t believe I just called it that.) No, it’s just because I hate — HATE — video blogs.

    Don’t tell Daniel I said that.

  2. YAY, I was an enjoyable video personality. 😀

    In order for me to even think about a video blog, I’d have to clean my office and that is a major task that might take all summer to tackle properly. I have a feeling I might add a few video blogs along the way but I won’t go exclusive with it.

    I still have The Big Trip blogs to publish. Getting all those pics set up is the hard part. John, I have some food pics on the next post that I took in your honor.

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