This weekend was so wonderful!

On Saturday, we had our TMEA Region meeting but it only lasted 2 hours (I thought it was going to be a marathon all day thing) and everything went really smoothly. No arguments for the most part. Always a bonus and not always the expected.

The saxophone section had their First Annual Kite Day that afternoon. Not only did they play with kites, they had bar-b-qued burgers, volleyball, water fights (I managed to keep dry), cards, dominoes, etc. I went and hung out for a few hours and had so much fun! Most of the parents were there so it was a nice time to catch up on stuff that wasn’t just band related.

I really didn’t want to leave when I did but had to because Trish was playing with the Austin Civic Orchestra that evening and I was going to the concert in So. ATX. Amongst a few other very beautiful pieces I wasn’t previously familiar with, they were playing The Planets in their entirety! Considering this is an orchestra made up of many people that aren’t professional performing musicians, the concert was really quite well performed.

After that, I met up with my best friend Cathy and also with Daniel Montoya, Jr. at Opal Devine’s Penn Field and we had a fun time there, too!

Saturday seems like it was a busy day but really, it was all very laid back and comfortable. Just what I had needed.

Sunday was my birthday. I know you’re asking, “Why didn’t you remind us before this?” but honestly, I’ve been so stressed and tired that I didn’t want to deal with planning or doing much of anything this year. I really wasn’t feeling the whole birthday celebration need thing. I think I’ve mentioned it like twice this month on my blogs and that’s been it. *sigh* But it’s okay…

When I woke up, I layed in bed, watching some TV and hanging with the cats. I was going to go out and get myself some breakfast somewhere but then Cathy called, wanting to go have brunch so we did. We actually ended up having lunch at TGI Friday’s. Have you had their Pecan Crusted Chicken (Cathy’s dish) or their Cedar-Seared Salmon (mine)? Holy Cow, they’re both quite yummy!!

After lunch, we headed to Target ’cause I was hoping to get another lounge chair (hopefully similar to the one I already have) for my backyard because we were planning on hanging out in the backyard for a while…no luck. Everything they had there was either not a lounge chair, for a small child or just plain boring. *sigh* Regardless, I got my first summer reading series book and some 5 lb. hand weights. Still a successful trip. 🙂

Daniel then met us at my house to give me my birthday present – Home Depot Dollars!!! Thanks, Daniel!! 😀

Cathy left shortly after and my family came over. We went to the Sedatole’s house because they were grilling steaks and invited us over (I guess I could say for my birthday). They bought me a yummy cake and we had a really nice time.

As you can see, the whole weekend was really laid back and relaxed. Thanks to everyone and their Birthday Messages in all forms! They meant the world to me. I hope you have a fantastic week!!

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