Summer Band

Well, it’s starting all back up again.

I’ve had a nice amount of down time and partying this summer (see my MySpace photos albums for the most recent) so I’m really ready to head back into the grind of band. I’m kinda bummed that the cooler weather we’ve had all summer is now over (just the right timing, huh?) but really, it wouldn’t be the same summer band without blazing sun hitting us all day long. And the rain would really hinder us from getting a lot done outside.

So, we started yesterday with our First Annual Family Picnic and today starts our first day of Leadership Camp. Yeah, I know it’s Sunday but with the district’s staff development starting when it does, we have to start leadership today in order to get in at least a week of all day rehearsals. Most of the kids will be able to make it and the ones that can’t make it today can just watch the videos. I’m not going to post them on my YouTube, though because some of the sessions are very unique to our group and it’s fun to have trade secrets (or something). 😉

Just a little *sigh* to the end of my summer and a big *Hooray* to the beginning of another exciting year of band!!! Go Tigers!

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