Keith and I went to see Australia last night. What an interesting movie! We actually thought it was based on a book or books but according to the IMDB FAQs on the movie, it’s not. The story was great – it takes place just before and in the beginning of the Japanese invasion of Australia during WWII. Unfornately, the movie itself was a little disjunct between sections…which is why we thought it might have come from multiple books. It was also nice to hear Hugh Jackman use his natural accent in a movie! The scenery was gorgeous, too.

The pre-show at Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek was really bad, though. And they took forever. Not impressed. Food and service were good as always, though. I do enjoy going to the Alamo for a movie.

I’d have to recommend this movie. Not a bad choice for a date movie ’cause there’s enough war and cattle for guys and Hugh Jackman and just enough romance for the women. 4 out of 5 stars.