DTV Delay

I’m disappointed in the delaying of DTV. Or at least the House and Senate voting to delay it.

As a teacher, we ask our students to be organized and prepared and meet deadlines. This is to prepare them for “the real world”. Many times over, we give them “this one chance” to turn something in late…but that one chance happens over and over again with some students and turns out, they never learn to be organized and responsible. Okay, maybe not never but certainly, we don’t see it.

Now, here it is, they see a “real world” application of getting things taken care of and because people didn’t do what they were supposed to do (get a converter or cable or a new TV), the US Government is now allowing an out of consequences. This is the PERFECT opportunity to teach readiness – it’s JUST TV. I know, TV is an important part of our current culture and a large reason for the problem is the money for the coupons running out (supposedly – I got two coupons and never used them before they expired so there’s that money. How many others are in the same situation? Thank goodness I actually didn’t need them). But still, the teacher in me feels very unsupported in what we do in teaching life skills as we try to do.

President Obama – don’t let me down this early. Don’t sign that bill!

Thank you.

Looks like the FCC is allowing broadcasters and their affiliates to choose to wait or go ahead and transition on the original date set. There may be hope for deadlines, yet!