Movie Reviews

I posted this to my Live Journal to share with my students but there’s no reason I can’t share it here as well. The first part is directly from my post about my trip to Houston. The second movie is the addition:

I went to Houston on Monday and while there, I had the chance to see two movies. Here’s what I thought:

Oceans 12.
Eh, it was okay but I liked Oceans 11 much better. 11 showed more of the train of thought to the heist and I really appreciated that. 12 had too many little story lines/heists going on and it was kinda hard to follow. It wasn’t horrible, though. If you’re going to go out and see it, catch an early show if you get a discount that way. (3 out of 7 stars)

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
Wonderful, wonderful movie. The imagination portrayed in the movie is so well done. I actually sat next to my friend’s 5 year old and she made little comments to me through the movie but every time I went back to the movie, I was pulled right back in. When you see this movie (preferably in the theater), put yourself in your child-like state. Some other friends of mine took their kids to see it and although their kids enjoyed the movie, they didn’t care for it much. I don’t think they were watching it with the right frame of mind. There are little bits that could be scary for a the real little ones but if you read the first 3 books with them before you go, it might help. I haven’t read the books yet but they’re certainly on my wish list now! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge) I hear they’re a real easy but enjoyable read. (7 out of 7 stars)