17-inch MacBook Pro…

…OMG, this is the one I’ve been waiting for.

If anyone wants to contribute to the fund, let me know. I promise I’ll let you watch me use it! 😉

Rotten Apples

I understand the need for corporate secrecy on some thing but Apple has reached ridiculous. I need a new set of headphones for my iPhone. The rubber molding around each ear bud has pulled/melted/torn off and has left a very uncomfortable edge that has scratched up my ear. I really don’t like driving around while talking on the phone without my headset, either. And from what I’m understanding, some government agency is pushing for the no cell phone use (talking, texting, etc) while driving without a headset rule/law again.

I’ve been very patient about waiting for the new headphones for the iPhone/iPod that was announced either in August or early September (first week of September, if I’m not mistaken). If I remember correctly, Steve Jobs had the thing in his hand and was showing how it works to everyone so it exists. And it’s not like they’re waiting for another company to make software compatible with it before they can release it. So WHAT’S THE HOLD UP??? And why in the world can’t they just tell me how long I have to wait??? I called Apple today and their answer was “we don’t know until you know”. Really?

Actually, I’m sure that’s the case. But why such snobbery over a set of headphones? Maybe Steve Jobs was lying about the existance of the new headphones and what he was showing off was a mock up of the real thing. Maybe they haven’t really figured out how to make the volume control on the mic/answer switch work yet. Maybe they’ll never actually come out with them. Who knows. All I know is I’m tired of my ears getting scratched up by the old headphones but I don’t want to get a replacement pair, only for the new ones to come out the next week (Murphy’s Law, right). I’m all for being an “Apple person” but this amount of patience is dumb. I wish there was a better/cheaper solution. *sigh*

Their only saving grace with me right now is that they managed to get my iPod Mini working again. It did something strange this summer and refused to sync. But now it works so that’s money I don’t have to spend to replace it for my band recordings.

iPhone Message

I just got a text from AT&T (it made a point to tell me that the text came free, too.) to tell me the following:

Your Apple iPhone now has free AT&T Wi-Fi access at thousands of hotspots nationwide, including Starbucks*. For info visit www.att.com/attwifi.

I wonder what the * next to Starbucks means. I guess I’ll have to visit the website to find out…or not really care since I never go into Starbucks. I’m not a fan of 75 cent coffee for $5.00!

Back it up!!

One of the scariest things in my life happened to me these last few days. In the process of trying to sync my iPod Mini (the oldest in the collection), my entire library disappeared. And I don’t just mean just from iTunes but they were somehow deleted from my hard drive and not even in the trash. Yup – GONE!! I talked to someone in support at Apple for about 30 minutes to try to figure out if they got moved or hidden or what but after searching and discussing with higher level techs, she told me all the music was gone and explained to me how I could at least get back the music that was purchased from iTunes.

We’re not quite sure what happened except that when I tried to sync the Mini (first time in a few weeks), I got an error message that said something about disk space on the iPod not working correctly (can’t remember verbage). I’ve had an iPod spin out on my after about 2 or 3 years of regular usage so I figured that was what was going on and tried to restore the device a few different ways to see if that would help and it didn’t so I restarted the computer and went on my way doing other things. Sunday, when I tried to sync my iPhone, iTunes opened with no music in it so I thought that was odd but whatever…when the library didn’t open in the few ways I knew to try, I just reopened all the music on my hard drive back into iTunes. I have about 1300+ songs (that doesn’t include videos or podcasts) so I knew it would take a little while, especially since it needed to get all the cover art information from the web but I didn’t think it would take ALL DAY! No matter, at the end of the day I closed all the applications and shut it down (or so I thought).

This morning, after my “run” and about an hour of playing in the yard (I’m getting rid of the bushes under the front window – details for another post), I cleaned up and started up the iBook but it just woke it up, with a message telling me that it couldn’t log out because iTunes didn’t close properly. Okay…I saw that everything was closed so I shut the computer down, did a few things on “The Internet” with the Dell and went out to work. Tonight, when I came home and started up the iBook and iTunes, it was empty again! 😦 And there was a message about the iTunes Library being damaged so it would have to start a new library for me (again!!). Okay, fine. I went to try to see if there was an old library I could open (no luck) then went to start the process of getting all the old music on the hard drive (external) back on iTunes again…and I found that folder COMPLETELY EMPTY!!! No kidding…empty like a teacher’s bank account a week before the end of the month. Oh geez! That’s my lively hood. So, I called Apple, they walked me through a few things and as I said earlier, no luck. It is GONE.

“Do you have your library backed up?” she asked. “Not for a while and I have no idea where those disks are,” I answered. You see, I’ve not been the best at labeling disks when I burn them if they’re back ups or something similar. And my home office is a WRECK and I’m surprised when I can find anything in there. But, luckily, I had backed up my entire library in mid-May and the DVDs were sitting right on top so most everything is recovered. *Whew* I just have to figure out what I’ve purchased since then but between that music being on my “big” iPod the iTunes Store does make that easy so I should get those back, too.

Point of all this? Back up things that are important to you. Technology can fail you periodically, even if you know what you’re doing with it. That is all.

Love you, mean it!