11 thoughts on “anniesj: a word to the wise”

  1. I wouldn’t have be stupid enough to do that shit anyway online. what a silly little boy 😛 How can people think that what they do and say aren’t being flagged?

    Also, it I were to have said whatever he said I would have had to go with the secret service :-(. I’m sure that they’d find something with me to warrant an investigation.

  2. That is insane….. can you smell the fascism in the air? Of course when you keep half of the populace (who are guillable enough to believe anything) in constant fear, they won’t care about you taking away their rights, they will gladly give them up… all in the name of “Patriotism”

    I believe it was Samuel Johnson that said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”

    How true that rings now.

  3. Actually, the Patriot Act isn’t much more than an amalgamation of laws that have been used against organized crime over the past 25 years. I wonder what this person actually wrote on their blog. The Secret Service has investigated any percieved threat against the Chief Executive since their inception. Their actions in this case don’t have anything to do with the Patriot Act, this is standard operating procedure and has been for decades. The Secret Service has enough on their plate as an agency, they’re not going to go after anyone simply because they criticized the President. Bush has been criticized more than any President in memory and no one is in jail because of it. But if you write stupid things on your website that can be percieved as a possible threat against the President then you are going to recieve a visit from the Secret Service. It’s common sense.

  4. Someone that saw the post said she just said she “hopes george bush dies and is found on top of a young black male prostitute with piles of child porn and cocaine surrounding him.”

    I see nothing wrong.

  5. There are several areas of the Patriot Act that need to be addressed/dropped, or at the least, changed. With that aside, and not knowing fully what that guy posted, he may have well deserved a little visit. If a person is/was writing threatening remarks perceived to be genuine about you on their website or harassing you over the phone (not in this case –obviously,) the Patriot Act or not, there are already standing laws to deal with this which dictate that you should receive a visit form “the Law.” That being said, I would like to see the actual post, to make my own call. ;o)

    Disclaimer: For those who may misconstrue anything in my post…”I’m a lover not a fighter.” {Checking peephole in door}

  6. “hopes george bush dies and is found on top of a young black male prostitute with piles of child porn and cocaine surrounding him.”

    Classy. It speaks volumes about her own character.

  7. No, no. I don’t think she was actually meaning what she said. It sounds to me like she was quoting from the movie “The Birdcage”:

    Senator Kevin Keeley : Hello, Ben. Ready for what? WHAT?
    Louise Keeley : What’s the matter, Kevin?
    Senator Kevin Keeley : Jackson’s dead.
    Louise Keeley : Oh my God!
    Senator Kevin Keeley : He died in bed? Whose bed? A prostitute?
    Louise Keeley : No!
    Senator Kevin Keeley : A minor? And black?
    Louise Keeley : What?
    Senator Kevin Keeley : I don’t believe this! I don’t FUCKING believe this!

  8. The three great essentials to achieve anything worth while are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.

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