The Pfat Cats!

My cats are so funny sometimes. Today, the weather was pretty extreme. There have been several sightings of funnel clouds and tornado-like weather. All animals get affected by changed in weather patterns as did my cats. When I came home this evening, I found the cats slinking out of the bathroom as though they’ve been trained to take cover in an interior room at the sight of bad weather (hell, we’ve all been told to go hide in the bathtub when there’s a tornado coming). So they tiptoe around the apartment for about first 30 mintues that I’m home and as soon as they know I’m here to stay for awhile, they’re back to their old antics again — laying around like the fat cats they are. Ah yes, the life of a cat!

Have you seen the cats?

2 thoughts on “The Pfat Cats!”

  1. Ha ha, those photos don’t do them justice 🙂 Those cats are like 20 lbs a piece, and those photos make them look like regular cats (and they aren’t regular cats). But I can imagine they would be acting a bit squirrelly.

    As for the rough weather, man we’ve been getting some of that too, but not even close to what San Antonio and Austin has been getting. I can tell that it’s been bad by checking the rivers which empty out to the Houston costal areas.

  2. There’s danger when you’re skinny and danger when you’re fat. When your fat there’s no energy for false alarms so it has to be a LOT a danger! LOL

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