The Party

My friend Allison is about to get married!! To celebrate this joyous occasion, we decided to party. And did we party. This weekend, I was part of an awesome full weekend bachelorette party. It was 2 days long!! Because of some work commitments, I couldn’t participate in some of it but what I did participate in was fantastic.

Allison is one of the dance teachers at my school. One of the other co-workers’ parents have a timeshare at the Barton Creek Country Club so she took advantage of it and we had a 2 story, 3 bedroom (with 3 1/2 HUGE baths — always a plus with a house full of girls) house in Westlake to get away to. What a difference that makes. It was one big slumber party! The other thing she did was rent a 15 passenger van and have some of their graduated students be our designated drivers. We were set!

Friday evening was a small group of us started out at the house with some drinks and munchies. Once we were all ready to head out, we went to Shady Grove for dinner then we hit 4th Street for some more drinks and some dancing. We started fairly late and this was just our pre-party with a few folks so we weren’t expecting hours of party. And it wasn’t. After about an hour and a half on 4th Street, another girl was arriving to Austin for the rest of our party weekend so we had to go back to the house to meet her. We really weren’t too disappointed about having to leave, though. Dispite the fact that it was UT graduation weekend and a Friday night, 4th Street was pretty dead and the bands I heard were kinda suckin’. Back to the house for a few more drinks with our new group member then some sleep for a whole new day of party.

Saturday morning, I had to be at Westlake HS to judge some band stuff so I missed out on the massage & facials. 😦 As soon as I was done, I did go out and shop for something cute to wear that night out, though. It’s always nice to rack up a smidge of credit card debt to pamper yourself every once in a while….

About 4:30, the rest of the folks started to show up at the house and the drinks started to flow yet again. Red wine, white wine, apple martinis, Midori pina coladas, and Crown & Coke were the choices. I think a few of the girls were quite tipsy before we even headed out for dinner! We loaded the 15 passenger van and headed out to PF Changs for dinner. Because there were so many of us there (I think the final count that met for dinner was 21 people), the waiter suggested a dinner option called a limo ride where they bring out 3 or 4 appetizers and 4 or 5 main dishes to choose from family style for everyone based on a few questions (allergies, favorites, etc). It only cost about $17/person and we had lots of left overs! Some dinner, a few more drinks and away we go again for some dancing and you guessed it, MORE DRINKS!

We hit Speakeasy, Oilcan Harrys & Olsos and had a great time in each. Definitely 3 completely different atmospheres! Once the night was done and no more drinks could publically flow, we loaded up the van again and headed back to the house for some last drinks and munchies before we headed to bed. I think I finally got to bed around 4am.

(Oh yeah, Eric, why did you call at 5 am???)

Breakfast and a hangover this morning, we got cleaned up and headed to our real lives. We’ve decided we don’t need special occasions to go out to the timeshare for a weekend away so you’ll periodically hear more stories from the Barton Creek Country Club! Lots of fun!!!

7 thoughts on “The Party”

  1. “I did go out and shop for something cute to wear that night out”

    Now of course you know that you have to tell us what it is that you purchased since some of us are like-minded “shop-aholics”. 🙂

  2. Definately share! And let it be about shoes! I adore shoes! And after reading Piojo’s, I think everyone partied this weekend. Too bad we can’t actually all meet and party together!!!

  3. Hehehe…I think we called everyone we knew when we were wasted. Honestly though, I don’t remember, but I wouldn’t doubt it.

  4. LoL, although I am not a shop-a-holic, but I am curious as to see the tidbit you bought, I’m happy you had a great time this weekend baby 🙂 I was expecting more of a “drunken” update while you were out and about but I’m glad you got back to the resort safe and sound.

    Oh and DT we did get together, two weekends past, but you and Dacia didn’t make it 😦

    Eric you and Piojo buzzed me at 2:30am you drunken bastages…. Sorry I wasn’t there 😦

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