My ears!

I came home today to find my smoke detector going off! It was ridiculously loud (and I guess thank goodness for that, really)!! My poor cats were in complete shock and trying to find places to hide from the noise. So, I go over to the smoke detectors with a broom to push the button to make it turn off to no avail! In fact, it sent the other one going — MORE NOISE!!! I can’t even figure out why the damn thing was going off. So I called the management office and they say they’re going to send the maintenance person right over…except come to find that he and his crew went to lunch outside of the walkie talkie range. ARGH!! So, the asst manager (aka “The Idiot”) comes over with a ladder to take the damn things down and take out the batteries. *whew* That was the longest 30 – 40 minutes in my life! My poor ears are still ringing. Not good for a musician….