Opening the Book of Good!

I’ve just gotta tell ya, band kids are awesome. Here’s what my great group did…

This morning, our band president and vice president and I travelled across town to Bowie HS so we could visit with their band for a bit. As I had posted late last month (year), they lost one of their band members while on their trip to the Fiesta Bowl. It was quite devistating and twice. You see, when you’re on a band trip, you’re kind of out in a timeless zone of sorts. Most time, you’re on such a strict schedule that normal time almost doesn’t count. Since Robert passed away close to the beginning of their trip, they had time to work through some of their grief on the road, with much help from counselors and school administrators that flew in the moment they found out about this situation. Thing is, when they got back to school, they really ended up going through the grief process all over again, this time with all the folks who didn’t get a chance to be there on the trip. So these poor kids really have had to grieve twice over Robert’s death. These kids deserve a lot of credit for their strength.

So, since the Bowie band members were so wonderful in their generosity when they heard of our drum major and her need of an amputation because of the cancer (which she’s doing really well now, btw), our kids decided to raise a bit of money and send it down there. Between the band member, their officers and their boosters, we raised $500 for the Robert Plumlee Memorial Fund!!! What an awesome group of young people. Makes my heart all warm and the future look bright. I love working with them!!! 😀

I now close the book of good for now. I’m sure we’ll open it yet again and soon and often.