Movie Update 1

This is totally my opinions on these movies. If your opinions differ, okay. I can dig that.
What a wonderful love story that wasn’t about “regular” love. (But what is “regular love? Does anyone know? Anywho…) Cole Porter loved his wife Linda but he was also like the stereotypical “artist” — very excentric. The way they lived their lives together and apart and with others was so…real. I didn’t think it glamourized him as a phenominal composer or gay lifestyles of that era or romanticize the love story that was or wasn’t. I think I’m going to buy it. I really enjoyed it.
This was a pretty good movie. My friend Cathy and my sister Trish really enjoyed this movie but I found it a bit slow to get into. But I had my mind on other things and my phone kept ringing so maybe it was that. I think I’m going to watch it again. Maybe not right away but I’ll probably add it back to my queue so it’ll get sent back to me again. I think time may have to pass so any feelings I may have towards it can subside. Silly, you say? Probably so. But that’s just me.

-and- Oh My Goodness!!! This movie is fucking hillarious. Krez & Eric, you guys have to watch this Unrated Extended Edition of the movie. Lots of boobies!!! HA! I’m glad I rented the unrated edition; I don’t think they could make a rated edition this funny. All they went through just for White Castles. I mean, they’re good burgers but damn!!!! I guess it’s a good thing we don’t have White Castles or anything like them here in Texas. What I liked the most about this movie is that it’s not totally stupid funny. It’s clever. Reminded me of Office Space in a way. Good flick. Good laughs!

Okay, so that’s my review. Next movies coming are: -and-

Again, stay tuned…
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One thought on “Movie Update 1”

  1. Excellently written baby; I love the way you posted the up and coming movies:-D btw. I might have a few suggestions for your future movie viewing selection.

    I thought Harold and Kumar were great! I would end up buying it eventually 🙂 There were some slow moments, but over all, I would have to give the movie 3 golden weasels out of 4. AHahahah Can’t wait for the next movie preview my precious 🙂

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