Bank bullshit update

The Big Benford Show � More bank bullshit!!

I called the bank. Turns out that it didn’t go through back in September (nor will it go through this coming September) — it got lost or something — so Aramark/Relliant Stadium held it until now to put it through with any others in the same situation or something. No, there’s no statute of limitations on stuff like this. Only on those checks that say “Not valid after 90 days”. Bummer.

3 thoughts on “Bank bullshit update”

  1. That’ freaking sucks! If you didn’t get charged within “X” amount of time, you should have been excempt from paying for that. Who’s to say that some monkey just didn’t run the bill twice. We have that stuff happen at the shop when it comes to the employee special orders. I’ve never experienced it, but I’ve seen it happen to other employees…. Oh and sometimes, they charge us once and then send us the same thing twice 😉 MAUAhahHAhahahahah I’ve seen that too… but it hasn’t happen to me yet.

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