Have I mentioned that I love food? It has to be the good stuff, though. Not just any junk food from where ever. Tonight, I didn’t know what I was going to make for dinner. I pulled out a chicken breast (boneless, skinless) out of the freezer to thaw and started to dig through spices to see what concoction I could come up with. Just then a commercial for Taco Bell comes on TV and they’re talking about some chicken enchilada something or another. Now, Taco Bell can be okay for something to eat while you’re drinking or already drunk but it’s certainly not my favorite fast food joint. But chicken enchilada sounded good! So, I got out cumin, seasoned salt and cayenne pepper and set the chicken to thaw. Meanwhile, I started a pan with olive oil and cut up half an onion (long, narrow slices) and a clove of garlic and started to sauté that together. I cut the chicken into abut 5 pieces (cutting across the breast) and sprinkled it with the spices. From there, I added the chicken to the pan, cut up 6 mushrooms and started some minute rice. I added an ounce or so of water to the pan to help spread the spices around. About 2 minutes before the chicken was done, I threw in the mushrooms then the cooked rice and stirred it all in and WOW! it was really yummy. I’ve added a new dish to my creations. Feel free to try it. I rarely measure things when I cook like this so you’ll just have to add ingredients that feel like they’d work. Bon appetite!

One thought on “Dinner”

  1. MmMMmmmmm, that sounds good baby! And those 6 mushrooms, I know are going to rock, especially is they are like the ones from the last time you cooked for me. MmmmM!!! I can smell the goodness from here 🙂

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