Feel the burn, don’t forget to breathe!

Today, I decided to head to my apartment complex’s work out room. I’ve lived here for a year and a half and never explored it. I’ve never been a big fan of gyms or work out rooms. Did 30 minutes on level 3 on the bike. I worked up quite the sweat and I feel pretty good. I think what I liked most about this work out room is that I got in there early enough that I was the only one there and there were only 3 other people after my 30 minute ride. I deal with enough random people during the day (okay, so my 150 students aren’t random people but they go to school with 1850 random people) that too many others when I get home is not okay. I had a horrible night’s sleep (if you can call it sleep) last night so that work out was just what I needed. Hopefully, I’ll have a good nights sleep tonight. I have another long day tomorrow. I’ll work out again on Friday.

One thought on “Feel the burn, don’t forget to breathe!”

  1. *w00t* i’m glad you enjoyed it baby! Working out will give you a rush 😉 hope you rush over hear soon btw …. MAuahhahHAhha If you like I can help arange a workout program for you. You just let me know bebeh. Have fun with your workout tomorrow. I’ll be at work tomorrow, but I hit the gym before work, and then a lite jog after i get out. 🙂 Sweet dreams!

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