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I’d like to ask my friends to help me with a serious cause. I’ve lost several important people in my life in the last year because of cancer. It pisses me off because they’ve been taken from this earth before their time was up. I started working with the American Cancer Society with their Relay for Life about five years ago as a “preventative maintenance” thing. At that point, no one I knew, much less was close to, and had died from cancer. In fact, skin cancer was the only thing I’d ever heard anyone I know talk about. Since then, I’ve learned of many women I’ve worked with have told me about their scares with different cancers. Then, it happened. I lost 3 friends in one week because of cancer. Needless to say, it was not a good week. Then, a student was diagnosed and had to have her leg amputated. Another friend died. Another student’s dad is badly suffering but fighting the fight with his family and friends. This has all been since January 2004. I was glad that I had decided to do whatever it took to help fight this ugly disease.

Relay for Life is more than an event that happens one night. Every spring, we work to raise money and awareness in fighting cancer. On April 16, the community of Round Rock gets together to celebrate. We celebrate the lives of our friends lost, we celebrate the fact that others are still surviving. We also celebrate our success as a community in raising money to support the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer.

This year, as a community, we are trying to raise $300,000. As a team, the band kids are trying to raise $5,000 towards the bigger goal. It can happen but only with your help. If you’d like to help me raise money in the fight, you can do it easily below. The great thing is if you’d like to your donation to honor someone you love that is fighting cancer or in someone’s memory, you can right there!

Thanks for your help. It means a positive future for many people!

Here’s the Link!

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