Quick Update

Long, long, LONG week. I think tomorrow is the first day that won’t be 14 hours at work…it may be 15 instead! Argh. It’s been fulfilling, though. Tomorrow is our final concert of the year. Should be pretty good.

7 more shopping days until my birthday. I’m surprised Amazon doesn’t have the countdown listed yet. Hmmmm…. I guess I’ll just have to deal with it this year. No time to call and get things moving over there. Slackers…. 😉
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One thought on “Quick Update”

  1. Ahahahhaha who says we have to use Amazon to buy your goodz 😛 Some times it’s just nice to know what you like and then buy them else where.. mAUahahahhaha!!! Ahahahha Ahahhahah *cough* CoUgH* ehah aaaaaaaaahhh *weeeez*

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