Basking in the glow

Have I mentioned what a wonderful man Len is lately? He drove here on Friday to help me celebrate the end of a school & band year as well as my birthday this weekend. I was in work mode (very driven, very one track minded, very “political”…for lack of a better term) and not very nice and he was still so very wonderful to me. I sometimes wonder if I deserve his patience.

Did I mention the roses I came home to on Friday? Let me see if I’ve put any pics of them online yet that I can share with you….
Okay, found them. You can see all my b-day pics (not a whole lot) in my Gallery>Life With Len>Cathy’s 32nd Birthday.

Even Stanley admires them:

I’m sorry if I was being a butt on Friday. I didn’t mean to be. Thanks for all your patience, kindness and understanding.

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