Batman Begins

Saw “Batman Begins” today. Really liked it a lot. I felt it was dark but with hints of light and optimism. The story of Batman’s history was quite detailed but not cumbersome and I appreciated that. The character of Rachel could be better developed, though. I can see this being a potentially excellent series of movies if each one is approached as this one was!
4.5 out of 5 stars

4 thoughts on “Batman Begins”

  1. I liked it too. I’m glad they went back to the darker, gloomier original Batman instead of another Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher crapfest(has Tim Burton ever made a good movie?)I would have liked to have seen Batman murder a few criminals though, like he did in the old 1930’s comics. That would have been cool.

  2. I’d heard it was a good’un, but what I really want to hear about was your vacation! Details, girlfriend! I must live vicariously through others for 13 more days until we hit the beach at S. Padre. I love vacations!

  3. I think I might go watch that after my ride tonight! Everyone tells me it is good, but I have been so disappointed wiht all the other batmans that I had no reason to wanna watch this one. I hope it is as good as u guys say it is….

  4. Connie, don’t fret. I’ve got the first half of the week written up and I’ll finish the rest of my vacation story tonight. Stay tuned!!

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