This one time, at band camp….

Well, I’m here in Commerce, TX at Jazz Band Camp. I’m teaching trumpets and helping where I can with the full ensembles. It’s really a lot of fun and I feel like there is so much I can write about but really, most of it is little things that happen during the day and aren’t funny when you aren’t here to experience it. Timing is everything, you know? Anyways, if you’ve never been to Commerce, let me tell you, don’t rush to get out here. There is a university — Texas A & M at Commerce, formerly East Texas State University — and a Wal-mart and that’s about it. Tonight, we’re going to head to the next town over for dinner ’cause they have a Chili’s and Applebees. I really hope we don’t go to Applebees. Not my favorite.

I’d like to hook up with Len’s nephews Pat & Matt. He needs to send me their numbers…. Also, going out to the lake in Sulphur Springs with Connie’s brothers sounds pretty good, too. I guess I should have gotten their numbers at Connie’s birthday party. Connie, can you help me out here?

Speaking of Connie’s birthday party, it was a BLAST!!! The margaritas, food and company were so good! Mostly parents of Sami’s friends from Bowie HS Band. I love band parents!!! They can be a lot of fun when they let their hair down (and when you put a water gun in their hands).

So, my rehearsals start at 9 and go until 4 with a lunch break in between so I get time to work out and read and play on “the internet”. The guys I’m working with are a lot of fun, too but they’re night owls and I can’t hang as late as they’d like to. Especially when I’m trying to keep to working out every morning. I really wish I would have stopped to get some glucosomine before I left. No supplelment store for MILES!!!

Okay, that’s it for now. If there is a late breaking, funny story that you’d get without being here, I’ll make sure to post it.

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  1. what is this “internet” you speak of???…. i want in! 😛 glad you’re having a good time!! xoxo!

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