Debt — The American Way

Well, I’ve continued on my path to becoming more American. I put myself into more debt today. With the debt, I gained a new iBook G4!!! In fact, that’s what I’m using right now to update my blog. So far, in the 5 minutes I’ve had the thing on and set up, I’ve not had too many problems making things work. I got on “the internet”, logged into my blog and have managed to start typing. I’ve discovered that my editing buttons above the text box in which I’m writing in aren’t there using Safari. I guess I’m going to have to download Firefox so things are a bit more similar between my Mac & PC. I’m also finding that the Control Button doesn’t work quite the same. For example, ctrl-c & ctrl-v don’t copy & paste here. Also, ctrl-arrow left or right doesn’t allow me to jump from word to word. Shift-arrow left & right DO allow me to highlight words, one letter at a time. I’m so used to using quick key strokes on PC that I’m going to have to relearn each time I jump back and forth. So far, that’s it. But like I’ve said, I’ve been using this computer for a total of like 10 minutes now. I also have to relearn what the Apple key does. It’s been SO long since I’ve used an Apple computer….

So, are you asking why in the world I bought this Mac if my PC is wonderful (which it is!)? Well, this past spring, I was chosen as an M-Powered Educator by M-Audio. As long as I use their products, I can get hardware on loan and software to keep! Once I find hardware that I can use on a regular basis, I can purchase it at 50% off the retail price. And all I have to do is use the stuff. How awesome is that? I’ve come to find that they have some software that is Mac only. Also, most of the other stuff they have works better on Macs. Multimedia software always have worked better on Macs, haven’t they?

So, I’m in debt a bit more but will benefit with this computer, music hardware and software! I can’t WAIT for all that to come. Now, all I have to do is find time to learn how to use it all.

—update a few seconds later—
I had to use my PC to edit this entry and add in the links. I’ll master that Mac…after time!

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  1. That Apple key DOES work like Control on my PC!!! Woo hoo! A discovery! I rock. Now, to figure out how to “right click”.

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