The Away Message

Sorry I’ve been a bit out of touch lately. I’m full force into my “Band is Life” stage. It lets up after this week, but just a bit. Actually, the schedule just gets a bit more regular. Hope all is well.

OH, we have a car wash happening in the North Austin/Round Rock area this Saturday. 7 sites to be specific. If you have friends/family in our area that could get their car(s) washed, please have them bring their cars by. I’ll post locations here when I post them to the band website, hopefully tomorrow. We’re trying to wash 1000 cars and raise $10,000 in a 1 day car wash. Thanks for your support!

2 thoughts on “The Away Message”

  1. Daammm 10K in one day! Where can I get a whole bunch of kids to wash cars for me? HMmmm child labor 🙂 MuhaHAhAhAHahhaha Oh well, least they aren’t making straw baskets and kick knacks for eViL American trailer homes LOL 😀

    Have a great day babes!

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