The Here and Now

So much has happened lately. Summer band, visiting Len, watching Alfie (1.5 out of 5 stars ), buying the iBook, Len visiting last week, seeing The Island (2.5 out of 5 stars ), school starting and having a filthy house that has now been somewhat cleaned (I mean it was FILTHY!). The cats have totally missed me and they’ve kept me up a few nights.

This past weekend was nice. Cathy & I went to the House and Garden show and saw Paul James “The Gardener Guy” answer questions. There seems to be quite a problem with trees in the Austin area by the looks of the questions asked on Saturday.

Saturday night, we went to Dennis Whitehead’s going away party. After all these years of working in the Austin theatre scene, he’s taken a job as the Music Director at the Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, TN! The party was fun. Cathy & I got to catch with some old friends and have a few drinks. It was a nice time.

I spent today cleaning house, going to see my mom (and get a massage) and now I’m watching Shark Tale. It’s a pretty cute movie but it’s no Finding Nemo.

I’ve got to go to bed early and keep my sleep schedule from being completely messed up. Maybe I’ll write reviews on the movies later. I’ve not been as good with keeping up with those lately.

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