Bitch, bitch, bitch!

It’s Labor Day and I have the day off. So, what do I choose to do with this glorious day? I have NO idea. I’m bored out of my mind and can’t get myself to clean my apartment, as I should be doing. Len has to work today so he’s in Houston. This sucks. Nothing good is on TV, I can’t get my secondary hard drive to work so I’m frustrated with that and my apartment needs serious cleaning (as I’ve already said). Gas is expensive so I really shouldn’t be driving around everywhere. Besides, if I did go somewhere, where would I go? Thanks to gas prices and the new laptop purchase, money is scarce. Dammit, sometimes I hate days off more than having to work. I’m such a nerd!

2 thoughts on “Bitch, bitch, bitch!”

  1. Daaaam baby 🙂 you need an outlet. Maybe you should do some yoga, hit the pool and even out that tan (lol). Call up Cathy and go see a movie, or just work on your website’s banner.

    Other than that, I am thinking of ya while i’m having to fix other peoples shit here at work, kicking myself and asking, “why in the hell didn’t I just call out today!!!”. Least i could have been chatting with muh girl 😐

  2. I like my tan the way it is, thank you!

    Can’t afford a movie, yoga only lasts so long and my apartment is STILL dirty. That’s about it. I better get to cleaning. At least THAT will make me feel somewhat better.

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