Have things turned around???

Another hectic week has gone by and things just seem to keep getting better and better. The band had one awesome week of rehearsing. They’re really starting to pull it out and understand the work it takes to achieve goals. I’m not sure we’re there yet but we’re light years better than we were a week ago. I’m so glad we’ve had all the folks coming to tech us this week as we’ve had.

First, the football team played Cedar Park on Friday and WON AGAIN! The final score was Stony Point 28, Cedar Park 14. I need to remember to go get the paper today so I can read how surprised that all the area sports writers were so WRONG in their predictions. Happy birthday to Head Coach Chessher with this win! The band did great at the half time as well. They’re hard work is definitely showing on the field. They had some really great moments that even made the “nacho crowd” at the football games stop and watch. The really great thing in that is we weren’t playing to our home crowd. Our game was at Cedar Park. Their crowd was rowdy and didn’t really calm down for their own band’s show but they seemed to love ours. Very gratifying.

The band went to the Judson Rocket Review in San Antonio on Saturday. There were 12 5A bands there and Stony Point placed THIRD!!! I’m so excited for them. It’s been a long time coming but I think they’re really starting to earn a name for themselves. Funny thing is, because the way the contest is set up, we were in a clinic with one of the judges when the awards ceremony was going on. The kids didn’t find out how they did until after all the parents did. It was a great feeling to watch Brian tell them he was sorry they had to miss the awards ceremony, hope they got a lot out of the clinic…oh and by the way, we got third place! LOL. The room went nuts. Good stuff.

Monday, we have staff development all day. I wonder how many kids will come ’round the band hall and practice field to go over what they need to work on on their own. It would be a nice sight. Now, if they do, I hope they don’t over do it because we do have a rehearsal scheduled for 6:30-9:00. I also hope that they don’t relax with their success from Saturday. It was just a preparation contest for Tuesday. That’s the big one. The bands don’t get placed but they get ratings. This group has only once received a 1st division rating…but that year, many bands got 1st divisions (that don’t normally) because the weather was so awful, the judges were very relaxed about what they were looking for. This year needs to be the turn around for the football team AND the band.

Please pray that we get no rain on Tuesday. We want the 1 on our own merits this time. They’ve worked too hard for any gimmes.