I don’t know what my problem is! Is this what getting old feels like? I am ACHING all down my legs!!! I opted out of going to IHOP even, which I think is a good decision considering I’ve been out sick this week and I have to judge early tomorrow. Middle school oboe room…should be fun…maybe…not!

Okay, griping out of the way. On to happier stuff.

Good game tonight. Those Tigers sure are putting in a good fight this season. I’m so very proud of them! Thanks to Cameron Bell for stopping by the band hall after the game. We really appreciate how hard he works for the team and he’s still so very gracious about what all the band does at the games. I wish more people had such a good heart. I’m sure they do, it’s just that people don’t always think to express their gratitude and such anymore. Oh well, what can you do? It was cool to watch the Goin’ Band from Raiderland. (Where are they going anyways? LOL…) They had a big bold sound. Reminded me of when I was in college and our motto was, “Good music is meant to be played loud.” This motto applies so much better to college groups, though, I must say. I’d never seen the Texas Tech band before so it was cool to see another college band perform. It was good to see all the 2003 Revolution folks, too! There must have been 7 or 8 of them.

So, I soaked in a tub, hoping to release whatever it is that’s making my legs ache and I think it’s worked. Thank goodness for Japanese hot springs minerals!!! Ancient Chinese secret…wait, no…Ancient JAPANESE secret! Whatever, it did the trick, I think. We’ll see tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone!