All this football in one post!!!

The Bobcats are going to the playoffs!!! They’ve won every game except the one against Texas A&M. And they gave those Aggies a run for their money!!! I was planning on going to a game this season, even before this news, but now, Skip & I are absolutely going to one of the last two home games.

Luckily, one of those home games doesn’t conflict with UT vs. Kansas on 11/12. I’m really excited about that game, too. After all these years of babysitting and helping raise him, I actually get to see Aaron Hudson march with a college band!!!!

On another football note, the Tigers of SPHS are doing well, too! If we win the next two games and all the other teams in the district continue with their win/loss patterns they’ve set this season, we’ll be tied for 3rd in the district. This means we actually have a chance at a play off game ourselves!! I’m so absolutely proud of these Tigers. I thought it might not happen until at least next year but these guys are kicking ass and taking names. Good job!!

That’s sports for now. Signing off, this is Big Benford! (LOL)

2 thoughts on “All this football in one post!!!”

  1. I tell ya what, the game I’m really looking forward too, as always is the Texas vs. Texas A&M game! That game always ROCKS!!! It doesn’t matter how good or bad the two teams have done throughout the year, when they both meet on the playing field against each other, all bets are off! LOL More than 100 years of “goodness” there! Hahaha ;o)

  2. I’m actually NOT a fan of football…you’d be surprised, considering half of my year on the football field!! I doubt my friends on staff with LHB can get me a ticket to that game but I’m sure of all games, that could be one of the most fun to watch in person. I’ll have to ask my kids in LHB that’ll be at that game. Hopefully, playoffs for Tx State will be just as exciting!!

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