A Full and Fulfilling Saturday

Yesterday was so wonderful! I started the day by watching the Longhorns start their massacre of the Baylor Bears. Now, I’m still not a Longhorn fan but since I’m going to the game next week against Kansas, AND I have 3 ex-students marching in LHB, I’ve had their games on TV more often, mostly to hear the band. The games have been pretty exciting as well so that’s always a plus.

I then took off and headed to San Marcos. The Bobcats of Tx State have been quite successful this season and I needed to see this for myself. A bigger plus in my trip is getting to see my friend Skip. Even though the town has changed a lot, going to San Marcos was certainly like going home. Being their with Skip certainly helped make it more so. The game was so exciting! I hadn’t seen such an exciting Bobcat game since the fall of 1991 when Franchione was the coach. It was almost a shut-out game. I’m not a sports writer so I’m not going to write out details about the game. You can see game details here.

After the game was over, I decided that I would be really sad if I never got to see the James Bowie Outdoor Performing Ensemble in performance. I’ve known Sami since her sophomore year and have enjoyed watching her and her friends perform as often as I could. I couldn’t miss her last high school marching contest!! So, I headed to San Antonio for the Bands of America San Antonio Super Regional. This is normally the weekend that Ken comes from DC for our Weekend O’ Bands. Between BOA Super Regional and UIL State Marching contests, and if I weren’t already burnt out of marching band stuff, I certainly get that way after Tuesday! This year, Ken & I decided we’d make this an every other year adventure. It costs him a lot to do this weekend and I can understand needing to change routine for the sake of budget. Yes it’s true, we’ve grown up and making adult decisions. It’s quite refreshing, actually.

So, Bowie’s performance was wonderful. It was over before I was ready for it to be!! Since I’ve become a band tech, then director, it’s been difficult for me to just sit back and be a fan. I’m always watching for new drill, music and style ideas. If I’m not doing that, I’m critiquing marching skill or musicality. Occupational hazard, I guess. Last night, I’d been anticipating their show so much all season long that I didn’t do any of those things as I watched. Once the show started, I just watched, listened and enjoyed what was happening on the field. I watched for Sami & Cassidy to do their thing and they did it all so well! It happened — I sat and watched as a FAN!! I took some pictures of the show and I’ll post them on in my Gallery later.

Such a wonderful way to end marching season. I’m done but not burnt out!

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