Pay HOW much???

As many of you that read my blog have degrees of some type from a higher learning facility, you may also be “victimed” to calls and emails asking for donations to some scholarship fund or whatever. Today, I received an interesting email.

A few weeks ago, I got a letter in the mail asking me to update my personal information via mail for the Texas State Alumni Association Directory. I’ve gone online a few times looking for old friends and have either experienced frustration or not in trying to find information so I decided that I would go ahead and update all the regular bits of information so people could find me if they were looking. Today, I got an email asking me to call and verify that they had all the correct information. The opening message basically told me the same thing as well as “You will also have the opportunity to reserve YOUR copy of the Texas State Alumni Association Directory at the end of the call!”. Okay, cool. I can deal with having this information right on hand.

So, the calls goes just as I imagined. The nice young lady on the other end of the line tells me what information she has and if it’s correct and if there’s anything else that’s been left off. “No, it all sounds right.” I say. So, she gets to “And would you like to go ahead and reserve your copy of the Alumni Directory now? The Directory includes Texas State University history and pictures and is a wonderful addition to anyone’s Texas State memorabilia collection. It’s available in either book form or on CD. The CD also includes pictures that can be emailed as well as the school song and fight song…”. I had to cut her off. I was in the band and played the fight song and school song so many times over 8 years that the soundtrack lulls me to sleep some nights.

So I ask, “How much?”. “Just two installments of $30.00….” I cut her off again. It cost me over $23,000.00 to go to school there. I am NOT paying $60+ for a CD of things I already have or can access online or by calling the Alumni House!!! I know what you’re thinking. “She’s cut this nice young lady off twice now. She must be getting irritated enough to be rude to this person, who’s just trying to do her job!” No worries. I was nice about saying no thank you. In fact, my $23,000 comment made her laugh.

At least they didn’t ask me to BUY a replacement diploma again since the name change….