Some weather and football action

Tomorrow is the first ever playoff game for the Texas State Bobcats in Division I-AA. We’re very excited and some friends and I are looking to go. It’s been quite warm lately (I’ve worn shorts, t-shirts & flip flops the last two days!) but I’ve heard rain’s a comin’. Here’s the weather forcast for the next few days. Looks like shorts, t-shirt and flip flops for the game again tomorrow. IT’S THE END OF NOVEMBER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! What’s going on with this damn weather???

Isolated showers, scattered clouds and temps in the mid 70’s are expected
for today, but rain chances increase through the evening. Thunderstorms are
expected for tomorrow morning and possibly could reach severe levels. Skies
will clear by Saturday afternoon, and sunshine will remain in place through
the week.

Seven Day Forecast

Mostly Cloudy
Isolated Showers
High: 75

AM Thunderstorms
Some Possibly Severe
Low: 57

Tomorrow (Saturday)
AM Storms
Afternoon Clearing Skies
High: 78