Oh My (with details)!

My weekend was quite the adventure. I guess after quite an emotional and stressful fall season, I just needed to let go and well, LET GO! Here’s my long weekend; day by day:

Tuesday: Worked all day. Went out for drinks with Cathy. Made friends with the bartender and doorman and we all had a few shots to close out the night. Thanks to Eric for helping me get home safe!!!
Wednesday: Went home to help mom prep for Thanksgiving. Chopped a lot of veggies and had a great time with my mom!
Thursday: Thanksgiving!!! Went home around noon, cooked the side dishes with my sister. That was a lot of fun. After quite a bit of eating and some sitting back and relaxing, I met up with Josh and Brad (two guys that teaches private lessons at the high school) and hung out with them. Ended up closing down the Elephant Room that night. Pete Rodriguez is an amazing trumpet player, btw.
Friday: Slept in (ah!), did some chores and headed down to South Austin to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. EXCELLENT movie!! Even with having to leave a lot of the book out of the movie, it was still very well done. I just wish they could have done a little bit more character development with the three one time characters but since I read the book, I knew who they were already so it didn’t bother me as much.
Saturday: Got up and caught up on a few more chores. Then, I headed out to San Marcos to watch the Bobcats beat the hell out of Georgia Southern. Man, it was a little scary there for a bit but it was a GREAT game overall! We went to The Green Parrot for some celebratory drinks. There were folks there we recognized and Skip and I had a great time. Greg & Steph Dreyer, her brother Tim and my friend Cathy came down and joined us. Skip & I got there at like 6:30 and we finally left around 11:30 that night. It was like college…and so was my hangover on Sunday! Thank goodness Cathy lives in South Austin and I crashed out at her house.
Sunday: Slept in. Went to eat lunch with Cathy. Came home, cleaned up and went to see my mom at Whole Foods. That massage and visit was just what the hang over ordered! From there, I went for my weekly dinner party at Brian & Kelly’s house.

So, that’s it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to just act younger than my age and every once in a while, it’s okay. I got it out of my system and I should be good for quite some time now.

6 thoughts on “Oh My (with details)!”

  1. Hey, I helped you out on Saturday night too! Alas, how quickly they forget! Poor, poor me……

    Hehe…just kidding. Sounds like you had a full week.

  2. Yeah, I do kinda remember calling you on Saturday. Oh, I know…you were hanging out with Krez…watching a movie?? See, I just needed a little help (again).

  3. I mostly did the text messaging thing to let the SWTexans know about the outcome of the game. I only called my good friends about the win! 🙂

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