Go Start The Bus!

Full House

I was so tired so it was kinda hard to be in the game the whole time. It was a full house at Bobcat Stadium and the Bobcats played hard on Jim Wacker Field to hold back Cal Poly from any thought of a win.

Northern Iowa beat top ranked New Hampshire so the Bobcats will be at home again next Saturday to beat Nothern Iowa. After that, it’s off to Tennessee for the National Championship game!!

Go ‘Cats Go!!

Just found out the game is on Friday night at 7pm. Damn. I don’t think I’m gonna be able to make it. I’m going to get a ticket, just in case. They’re only $10 $12 (winning causes inflation)….

3 thoughts on “Go Start The Bus!”

  1. How’s come you can’t make the game? What could be more important than the Bobcats? I know! You’re going to Bowie wind ensemble’s concert. You sure are a dedicated fan of Sami. Loveya, Connie

  2. I have rehearsal for our spring musical that night until 7:30. I’m gonna head to the game after that, though. Sorry to miss Sami’s concert….

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