Just cold enough!

Well, it’s so cold out that not only did they delay school openings today, they closed school all together! I like having the day off, don’t get me wrong but getting a “snow day” just takes away a “Bad Weather Day” holiday that we have in the spring. Yes, we have two of them to burn but they’ve already taken away one because someone screwed up the Graduation schedule.

Graduation was originally scheduled to be on Friday, May 26 at the Frank Erwin Center. I don’t know the actual story but we (RRISD employees and community) were told this:

2005-06 Academic Calendar – Revisions
The 2005-06 Academic Year Calendar was approved based on RRISD graduations being scheduled on Thursday evening, May 25, and all day Friday, May 26. Availability at the Erwin Center has resulted in graduations being scheduled instead for all day Thursday, May 25, and the morning of Friday, May 26. As a result, an amendment to the calendar was made to move the last instructional day from Thursday, May 25, to Wednesday, May 24, to ensure that all family, friends, and necessary faculty can attend the commencement exercises. The calendar amendment was presented and approved at the meeting of the RRISD Board of Trustees on Oct. 20.

Did RRISD schedule graduation (and publish the district calendar) before the Erwin Center confirmed availability? Did the Erwin Center promise RRISD the dates and ended up double booking with AISD? We’ll never know. All I know is we have two less holidays in the spring. Oh well.

You know, it was 85 or so when I was at the Bobcat game on Saturday. It’s been that warm pretty much all the way up through this past Saturday. Did Mother Nature hold all the late fall cold weather and stock pile it to dump on us yesterday?

Okay, I have too many questions.

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  1. You have this half full / half empty thing going on here! Be smarter than me and stay indoors!!! Had to drive on icy roads to work this morning. Only accident happened when the dog tried to make a quick turn and ran into my car. Held back the laugh as best I could, gave her a pet and took her inside. Stay warm!!!

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