House Hunting and other good stuff

Well, the process has started. I’m house hunting!! I’ve decided that after all these years of living in an apartment, I’m done with it. I looked at about 5 houses today, just to get an idea of the market in Austin. I’m very lucky because my realtor is a band mom and one of the private lessons teachers’ wife is a loan officer for a mortgage company. I’m about all set in those aspects. Of the 5 houses I saw today, 2 were houses I could feel serious about purchasing. My goal date is May so I still have a while to get myself all set to buy.

On another note, school’s about done for the semester. It’s been a semester of ups and downs but when it’s all said and done, all is well. I have my health, family and friends. My students have earned the successes they’ve worked so hard for. I’ve also found the time to spend with people I care a lot about. My credit score is enough to help me get approved for a home loan. We’re starting a drum corps in Austin and it’s already successful. What else could I ask for? I know there are things but those things will come with time if they are to be a part of my life.

6 thoughts on “House Hunting and other good stuff”

  1. Congratualtions! That’s a huge step in life. Taking your time is a really good thing, too – it’ll give you lots of time to decide on the little things you have to have in a house.

    Drum corps in Austin? That’s going to be so cool!! Do they have a name yet?

  2. Actually Connie, the band mom is a band mom from SPHS. I would love to work with Vicki if I have a realtor in my own band family, I’m thinking maybe I should go that route, you know?

  3. Yup, that’s understandable. She prolly knows the area you’re looking in better than Ms. Vicki. Happy House Hunting! It helps if you take your digital camera with you to refresh your brain about what you liked and disliked.

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