The anti-resolution

I’m not much for resolution. I think about 7 years ago, I resolved to never make a resolution again and I’ve done well keeping that one. 😉 Instead of making resolutions, which seem easily broken and not really taken seriously anymore, I’ve gone back to doing what my parents taught me to do at a very young age – set goals, both short term and long term. So, here is one of my goals for 2006:

Seems as if “balance” should be a key word for 2006. I’ve spent quite a bit of the 2nd half of 2005 looking for self balance. It’s so easy for some people to get wrapped up in one part of our lives or another. For brief moments, I find that that’s okay. In our overall life, however, we must find balance in order to live happily. I don’t want to get lost in the details or in the big picture. Find the balance.

Have a fantastic 2006! I can’t wait to see all of everyone’s accomplishments as we go. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The anti-resolution”

  1. I agree Cathy…Setting goals or “levels” to reach each goal is the way to go. I look forward to hearing what some of them may be. For myself my goal is to continue on with what I started just a little over 11 months ago to make a better me, as far as health goes…And these damn elusive abs! %*#@*$! LOL! ;o)

  2. Just like Lent, when people give up something to become a better person (yeah, being a martyr really improves your disposition), resolving to “not do” something will only make you cranky. So, setting goals or resolving to do something better puts a positive spin on your resolution and makes it that much more achieveable, says psychologist, Connie Miller.
    I resolve to eat more? No. Drink more? No. Be merry more? That’s the ticket!
    So, maybe I should have a party.
    ~Connie, the merry Miller~

  3. I seem to lack the motivation to throw a bash this year. But, if you like small gatherings, the Miller Manse is the place to be. I’m thinking of pulling out Grandpop’s Daiquiri recipe…soon to be published on the Saucy Joe site. ~Connie~

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