Life overwhelms me!!! Can’t find the “slow down” button. Drinking heavily is not helping!!!! (LOL, j/k on the heavily part) Mr. Bubbles (I prefer that to calgon), TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAk”

  1. Heh, heh! I felt that way today when my microwave was doing its little beeping thing every 30 seconds to remind me that it had finished defrosting the doggy food and that they were STARVING FOR GOD’S SAKE! At the same time that the dryer was beeping to let me know that it had finished drying my clothes and it was going to continue to tumble them in intervals of every 5 minutes AND beep at me until I FREAKING GET IN THERE AND TAKE CARE OF MY FREAKING CLOTHES.
    Sometimes I yearn for simpler times [sigh]

    Hope Mr. Bubble does it for ya. Or maybe a bubble pipe…or a pipe with something else in it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. ~Connie~

  2. Blowing bubbles is a great way to get rid of the stress!!! Lots of deep breathing. By the end of a stressful day a deep breath may be all your capable of doing. Just remember to keep the bubbles away from your mouth as you breathe in. Cough … Ack!

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