A question for my nerd friends…

I recently got a DVR and love that I can record shows & movies so easily!! Now, I want to transfer them to my computer so I can burn them onto DVDs and keep some of them. The DVR/cable box (Scientific Atlanta) has a firewire port in the back as well as a USB port in the front so I figure it’s possible. It’s just that the stupid cable company didn’t give me any instructions for it. I guess I could google for instructions but why not give you guys a challenge….

Thanks in advance for the help.

5 thoughts on “A question for my nerd friends…”

  1. Hell I tried posting, but I can never post on yours from work, for some reason. Anyhow I have a DVR Cath, and on mine, the USB is used for hooking up an external HDD for extra storage. However I have never tried this since my DVR records straight to DVD. ;o) I’ll see if I can give it a shot later to see what happens with my external USB HDD, unless I fry the whole damn thing! LOL

  2. So your DVR has a DVD burner integrated? Or do you have it connected to a separate DVD burner? If you have the latter, how is it connected? Eh, I could just call you, huh?

  3. Yeah my DVR has an integrated DVD-Burner, no HDD so I guess that’s why it has the USB on the front so I can add the HDD if need be. So far I just use a DVD-RW so I just rewrite over the old shows…Ummmm yeah Cath, calls are always better when discussing nerdy stuff. LOL! ;oP

  4. I use an AT-ALL-IN-WONDER card from my Time Warner Scientific Atlanta DVR… connected with S-VID and RCA for sound. Works great!

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