I had to be TAK-y this morning. Sat in a classroom watching kids take a test for 5 hours. It’s so funny, as we train to be teachers, we’re told that we are to guide students through life hoping they make the correct path. We’re told that nurturing their needs is the most important thing and that engaged, collaborative learning and discussion is one of the best ways to ensure that students learn. Then, several times a year, teachers are asked to do the complete opposite – don’t talk, don’t interact with students, don’t answer their questions, recite stock statements and don’t allow students to do anything interactive. Our job depends on it….

Gotta love the government!

2 thoughts on “TAKS”

  1. Ooh. I hate the standardized testing bit! That was the one good thing about going to private school – less testing. But back then, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is now in public schools even..

  2. The general thought from the kids about the TAKS was that they were bored. No angst from the test itself. It was the time after the test that was killin’ them. Did you have to deal with a lot of post test antsy students?? I’m sure they were dying to talk with you, but they had to sit and be quiet. Tough enough for me to do at times as an adult. Can’t imagine being a kid and being quiet for so long. Maybe why I got so many looks from teachers growing up. Is TAKS gone now until April?? Science and Math … Woo Hoo!!

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