Our truck…


Truck, before


Truck, after

Same truck. Cool, huh?

A HUGE THANK YOU to Saucy Joe for making the tiger into a vector file so we don’t have pixilation with it being 5 feet tall! Not only does he cook and drink great wine & champagne, he does artwork, too!!!

Look here for more pictures.

7 thoughts on “Our truck…”

  1. That looks awesome! I’m jealous, because our new white truck is still totally white! Did you find a donor to do the work for free or was it a gift from the boosters? I’m wondering how much that will cost our band boosters to do and if I can slide one more huge expense in before I leave the program, haha!

  2. It was tough to imagine that Tiger on my computer screen being 5 ft. tall, but it looks great!!! Congratulations on such wonderful results!!!

  3. Thank you again, Joe!

    Connie, let’s talk when we get a chance to get together…I’ll get you all the information. The company we used was great but you have to have the right person talking to them, kinda.

  4. That muffler pic (as well as all the other pics from “before”) was on there from when we were just thinking about buying the truck. Then, we got that annonymous $5000 check in the mail (yes, we really did) so we bought it. The muffler is fixed now…. 🙂

  5. It needs some dingo-balls or at the least some fuzzy dice. That “ratchets” yall up a bit on the intimidation scale. ;o)

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