Ah, the week…

…from hell?

This could lead to a very long post but I’ll try to keep it to the point.

  • Monday – 6:30 am opened band hall for Jazz Band; taught all day; 4:30-6 sectionals; 7-8:30 Band Booster Meeting. 14 hours
  • Tuesday – 6:30 am opened band hall for Jazz Band; taught all day – including an orchestra class; 4:30-6 sectionals; stayed until 8 pm getting paperwork done. 14 hours
  • Tuesday night, I had a horrible dream that I did a whole bunch to keep some fish I owned (I own no fish, btw) alive but in cleaning the tank, I ended up killing them. I woke up at 4am having a terrible anxiety attack. I’m really worried about the band not doing well at upcoming performances.
  • Wednesday – 6:30 am opened band hall for Jazz Band; taught my class in the morning; drove the truck to Westlake HS for the Full Orchestra Concert & Sightreading Contest. They got a superior rating on the stage and in the sightreading room!!! Went home fairly early – around 3:30!! 9 hours.
  • Wednesday evening – went to look at a house. It was almost perfect. Too perfect – turned out there was already an offer submitted and now if I want the house, I have to wait to see if it falls through. If I don’t get this house, it’s okay. I have Monday & Tuesday and many options out there still.
  • Thursday – no jazz band…got to school around 8:30 am. Taught through the day; 1:30, started getting prepped to take the Jazz Ensemble to the Blinn Jazz Festival. The jazz band did well. We got a lot of great compliments from the judges and came home with 3 soloists awards! Got back to school around 10pm. 11.5 hours
  • Thursday night – had a dream that some friends of mine that are married broke up. They were okay with it and had moved on to other people before the divorce was final. Woke up feeling very awkward…
  • Friday – no jazz band…got to school around 8:30 am again. 😀 Taught classes through the day; did a lot of paperwork; had a going away party for a student who is moving back to Canada; did more paperwork; left for home around 5:30pm. 9 hours.
  • So, let’s see – I spent 57.5 hours working this week. A lot of hours but not really too hell-ish once I step away from it. I feel like I only spent 65 hours sleeping though! (LOL) BUT, it’s SPRING BREAK so it’s all good!! No plans for travel but there are plans for house shopping. YAY Spring Break!!!