House Shopping

  • Day 1 down.
  • 10 houses (or so) viewed.
  • Many houses elimited.
  • One house “eliminated me” (3 offers on the table before I ever looked at it).
  • This narrowed it down to two houses; one that was cute but tiny and only a 1 car garage. I cut that house out of the mix.
  • 1 house left. Not quite where I want it but I really liked that house. Walking through that house felt good. Location wasn’t horrid, just not ideal. Affordable.
  • Loan pre-application is now in process.
  • Tomorrow is day 2. Not sure what that holds yet.
  • Scary…and exciting!!!

    3 thoughts on “House Shopping”

    1. Woooo, lots of great potential there Cath, I esp. like the greenish backyard (mine is so nasty!) =o( The kitchen looks pretty cool too, spacious, on that last house. Always go for the bigger house if you can…but try to stay away from two story puppies…cooling/heating can be a $$$ bitch! ;o)

      * Oh yeah…what happened to that call? ;oP

    2. 10 houses viewed! That’ll wear ya out fast!! Glad you’re taking pictures for reference. Looks like you have a nice space in the backyard for grilling on the last house. Those counters in the kitchen looked a little small though. May need a portable island in the middle. Good luck with day two!!

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