The birthday low-down.

Trish is 26

Well, she’s now officially 26! It cracks me up because for the longest time, I used to see her as my 7 year old little sister…then it was my 16 year old little sister. Maybe it’s because we’re 7 years apart and that puts me a chapter or so ahead of her in places in our lives but she’s always seemed (significantly) younger. After hanging out with her last night, I don’t feel that she’s in a different place in our lives anymore. We’re both “adults”, going through all the “adult things” people tend to go through, and having “adult” relationships. It’s a really cool realization.

Okay, enough with all the zen mumbo jumbo! Dinner was at this very cool place called Asti. I (along with my mom & Chris Olives) had their lamb shank and one could have fed all three of us! I was bummed that I forgot my camera in the car. I could have taken pictures of all the delicious food (but only for John Mackey).

From there, we went to Club DeVille. I’d never been there before and it’s okay. When the place filled up, I’m thinking it was a lot of SXSW folks hanging so I don’t know if I got the real image of it in my mind. Lots of Trish’s friends showed up and good times were had.

Elijah & CathyOh, the Elijah Wood thing – we looked across the club and see him sitting with a few folks. I’d had a few drinks but still had my whits about me so this wasn’t some drunken self-dare or anything. Brandace (one of Trish’s friends) wanted to go meet him, as did I, so I said, “Let’s go take our picture with him”. She couldn’t believe it. Yeah, he’s human and deserves his privacy but hell, he makes 1000 times what I do so he can buy that shit!! LOL. We waited until he was done with the conversation he was having and I introduced myself and asked if he minded if we took pictures with him. He was very generous to say yes. Done. 🙂

One last thing. Look at the girl in the red outfit with teal boots. Don’t every look like this in public OR in private! This is a huge Glamour “Don’t”!!
Oh NO!!!

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  1. Ooooooo,I want that for a bumper sticker! LOL ;oP sweet! LOL I’m sure it was a good time. Yeah I know what you are talking about Cath. My sister and I are 8 years apart and one time when i was 26 and she was 34, we went out and partied and she was all shocked how I was getting all crazy…She said it was a real moment for her and that she no longer saw here little brother any longer, just another “horned male hunter on the loose!” LOL ;o) (her words actually – hehehe.)
    Your “little sisters” all grown up now and as crazy as you are – tee hee! LOL ;oP

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