It’s only Tuesday and you’ll never believe how much I’ve gotten done already on this house deal. I guess because we’re refinancing my parent’s house (which is in my name), I’ve got double the work of just buying a house. So far, I’ve gotten pretty much all the paperwork I need for both loans (that’s easy – it’s pretty much the same for both), I have the inspection scheduled for my new house, insurance set up on it, an appraisal scheduled for the old house and once the inspection’s done, an appraisal there, too. The money for closing is in the bank, I talk to my realtor and mortgage agent on a daily basis and not one fight with my parents over any of this!!!

Once all that is done and the loan is offically approved (I was pre-approved before we got into all this), I just have to sit and wait until May 15 to get the keys. I could easily close next month but I was really planning on skipping rent/mortgage in June so a May closing it is!

Next bit of planning – a house warming party as well as a birthday party. My birthday (as many of you may remember) is May 20. It’s a Saturday this year and I’m turning 33 so I decided to celebrate with a big ol’ party! Please plan on coming to Austin that weekend… if you have time. Between my apartment and the new place, I should have plenty of room. Just bring your own bedding. Specific plans to come.

Oh my goodness, have you seen “Two and a Half Men” lately? HILLARIOUS!!!!

2 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. Missed Two and a Half Men this week. Bummer! Lucky my coworkers all watch. Always get great details!! Keep talking with your realtor and mortgage agent. No surprises needed!!!

    I’ll be there for the party. Need help with the cookin’???

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