UIL is this week…

UILWell, UIL week is here. For all you non-band-nerd-folk, UIL Concert & Sightreading Contest is a pretty big deal – bigger than UIL Marching Contest. I have faith that my students will do their absolute best but I’ve got to admit that nerves of very young high school students (some of whom have never experienced anything like this) scares me a little…a bit. I’m trying to stay ahead of the game and trying to keep rehearsals as light as possible but it seems like every rehearsal, they get worse and worse. As though they’ve hit the peak of working this music and now they’re coming down. The brain fart stuff we’re experiencing is stupid stuff or stuff they’ve never messed up on before, too. And that’s not the harder part of the contest.

If you notice in the title of the contest, there’s sightreading included. This means we go into a room with 3 judges and a piece of music none of us have ever seen before. I have 9 minutes to teach it (5 of which I am not allowed to sing or recite anything at all musical) and away we go…play with as few mistakes as possible. During all the teaching time, only I am allowed to talk (which can be a very good thing). They’ve actually been doing okay in class but they tend to miss accidentals and key changes and I’ve been told that we have a key change and lots of accidentals. Hopefully, they’ll have their game on and we’ll be okay…and by okay, I mean not disqualified (not hard in this situation).

I’d love your support on Wednesday. We perform the concert portion at 4:00 in the Klett Performing Arts Center at Georgetown HS. Sightreading happens in the band hall directly after the concert portion. If you can’t make it out, send good vibes and right notes & rhythms our way.

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On an upnote (no pun intended…unless you thought it was funny), I just got asked to play in a Student-Teacher Tennis Doubles Tournament later this month. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a racket so we’ll see how that goes. Luckily, my schedule opens up quite a bit next week so I can go out there and do some practicing! YAY, a fun workout!!!

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